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With the big ‘5’ ‘0’ looming close, Rosie took a hard, naked look at herself and her life. Could a forty-pound, overweight, out of shape, overwhelmed, over-stressed, 50 year old mother of three, become a figure (bodybuilding) competitor?

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“The turning point happened in my kitchen. But it wasn’t when I was cooking, eating or washing dishes. What happened in the kitchen actually took place in my head and changed my life forever and for the better.”

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fab over 50

“No one believed I could do it except my children,” says Rosie. They’d say, ‘you don’t have enough time,’ or ‘You’re 50–be realistic.’ I didn’t think about that. I just did the things I needed to do each day to get me to the next level.”

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The Art of Extreme Self Love

“Rosie helps woman feel better about themselves. Lose weight. Gain confidence. Feel, think and look better. It is her passion and purpose to help clients discover the amazing gorgeous women that they are by reminding them of their divinity. The practices of excellence in nutrition, extreme self love and extraordinary care, are the building blocks for creating the best version of yourself.”

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