Your BUT-T has Gotten Way too Big.

Yes, my ass is on the line here. I’m the first one to the left. You may say, not bad for a 53 year old ass, BUT….. 

I realized during a recent conversation with a friend that my BUT had gotten way to big.

It was time to pull back and access the situation. Unless you’re Kim Kardashian, you may not be so proud of your big but(t).  As a matter of fact, you may not want to admit that you have a huge but(t) that is causing a lot of unnecessary stress to your life.

Take a deep breathe because what I am revealing here may be challenging for you to hear. This self reflection stuff (aka: taking ownership of the things you do) is not aways easy. It takes a big girl to realize she’s got a big BUT(T) standing in her own way (weigh).

How often do you catch yourself saying, “I would, BUT….”?

I bet it’s a lot more than you care to admit.  Let’s be honest, naked and vulnerable right now. Your big but(t) may be in your way and holding you back from living your fullest, highest and best life. 

There are 2 ways that your big but(t) can hold you back. One is physically and one is emotionally. 

Let us address the physical BUTT first.

If you are feeling that your butt is too big, you’re being self critical and most likely not participating in extreme self love and care. When you truly embrace self love and treat yourself from that loving place, you don’t pick on your body parts. You don’t compare them or judge them. When you are fully in the process of extreme self love and care, you treat your body with respect. Not only in what you think about it, but also in how you talk about it, refer to it and feed it. 

Extreme self love allows you to practice acts of kindness towards your body.  Making a decision to change the food you take into your precious body is a key part to improving all areas of your life. Because food is powerful in how it makes you look and feel. When you eat healthy whole unprocessed foods (I call these naked food), your body responds. 

Continued eating in this style will bring you easily and gently to your perfect weight.  At your perfect weight, you won’t be worrying that your but(t) is too big because deep down inside you will know that you have treated your body temple with the divine care it deserves and that you did the best you can.  At that point, when you do the very best you can, you’ll accept however your body shows up as the way it is supposed to be. 

Where in your life are you allowing self sabotage, self denial, lack of self care and love?  What has to change for you to put your self love first. I can guarantee you that the more you love yourself, the more your body will show up lovingly for you. 

Let’s move onto the emotional BUT next.

This one is a true pain in the BUT(T). When you suffer from this, you create the biggest and best blocks to the things you truly want. Because putting a “BUT” into your command sentence allows you to play it small. The thing you attach to the end of your “BUT” holds power over you. It has the perfect amount of power to stop you from getting the very thing you say you want. There’s one reason that we use this BUT for stopping us. It’s because you are afraid. You’re afraid of that thing you want either because you don’t believe enough in yourself to think you can have it or you’re scared you’ll look stupid if you don’t actually succeed. Either fear based reason butts you right up against a wall and stops you.  

Using my body building figure competition as an example. For my first one at age 50, I had a very big BUT staring right at me. Here’s how it sounded.  “I want to enter a figure competition, BUT… 

  1.  I’m too old, 
  2.  I have too much weight to lose
  3.  I’ve never done it before
  4.  what if I start and I can’t finish
  5.  what if I look like an idiot on that stage?

I could have easily picked anyone of these 5 but’s and technically they could have worked as a grand excuse and opportunity to play my life small.  Instead I let go of the “but” that would keep me small and I stepped up on my stage.   Letting go of that but was transformational for my physical but(t) too. I consider that a win-win!  

That moment transformed my life from just okay to awesome. 

Isn’t awesome what you want for your one precious life? 

Where in your life do you present your “BUT”? What would happen if you deleted the “BUT” from your vocabulary. How would your life change for the better? 

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