Please Don’t Bring Me Flowers

Please don’t bring me flowers for Mother’s Day because the media and society dictated that today is the day. I am letting my children off the “hook” today because every single day they offer me a gift. And I am open and willing to receive that gift. Okay, hold on. There was a time that

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Sexy. Naked. Food.

What if you could feel great naked?   It is possible. Really, it is. No matter where you stand right now.  Why is it important to feel good naked?  Far too many women have shared with me how they don’t like themselves naked. And it stops them. IT STOPS THEM. Stops them from truly enjoying

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Body Kindness

“I’m fat.  I hate my thighs.  My butt is too big.  My boobs are too small.  I’m lumpy.  Nothing fits me.” Seriously? That’s a bit mean. Don’t you think? Talking about your body with gross, grim and gut churning vernacular. Picking, picking, picking. Okay that may be a bit dramatic but I had to get your

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