5 Ways to Eat with Self Love

As Spring and warm weather approach, getting naked gets more attractive. For clean up and lean up I start with my body by consciously concocting, creating, cooking and connecting with my food.  Eating mindfully is an act of self love and body kindness.   Okay so I hear you whimpering just about now. You’re sick

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I was so bad this weekend.

I was so bad this weekend. How often do you hear yourself saying this about yourSelf and your food? Stop it. PLEASE don’t talk about how “bad” you were because you ate the cake ( or the dessert, or too much) EAT THE CAKE! If you want to eat it, eat it and own it.   Stop

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Interesting Ways to Eat An Apple

There are many interesting ways to eat an apple. Something about an apple invites you to bite in. Even though there is no sign that actually hangs from it saying “eat me”, it technically begs for it. Ask Adam and Eve. They were so tempted by it’s delicious irresistibility, that they forgot about the consequences

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