Handcuffs and 50 Shades of Red

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO  Question: What is embarrassing, annoying and eye opening at the same time? Answer: A uniformed police officer standing at your door with handcuffs. If you’ve read or heard of the new pop novel 50 Shades of Grey, you may be thinking I am right on board.  The knock on

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The Art of Patience and Weight Loss

  My daughter and I were having a conversation about women and weight loss. Quite an intense conversation which unleashed a profound comment from my girl. She said, “look how easily we go from grateful to greedy”. She was talking specifically about weight loss and our reaction to what happens on the scale. We get

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When a Pug is a Pig

I think my pug is in disguise. Underneath that adorable face is really a pig snout. I don’t mean to be putting negative labels on pig’s (so you pig lovers out there, please do not get offended, just get my point). But if you could see (actually hear) the way he eats, you’d have to

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