What’s Your Plate Like?

Do you love your dishes?

Are you saving the good china for once a year events?

I like to use a fancy plate every time I eat.

Whenever I go to Home Goods, which is quite often, since I have to pass the store almost every time I leave the house, I peruse the dish aisle in search of beautiful plates to serve myself on. I buy 2 of the ones I like. This is cost effective and gives me the opportunity to have multiple choices every day depending on my mood or food that I am serving. Here is my beautiful plate with huge red rose and black and white checks, two of my favorite things.

What's Your Plate Like?

It makes the food taste so much better when it is presented in a nice way. Back to why I purchase 2 of them, one as backup if I chip or break one and the other one is for company or a special guest who may be sharing a meal or treat with me.


I love the huge white bowl for serving dark green veggies and colorful additions. It just looks so yummy and exotic. Using an interesting shape, color, design adds a simple pleasure to the meal and just another easy way of treating yourself like the princess you are.

What's Your Plate Like?



What's Your Plate Like?

Last but not least, a heart always helps to remind you that you are in LOVE everyday, with your food, with your body and with your life.

What’s your favorite dish?

Rosie Battista

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