The Princess and the Tea

Does tea taste better in a fine bone china cup with hand painted roses or a mug that reminds me that I am a princess ?

The Princess and the Tea

I purchased this one cup so I would feel special and be able to make myself a yummy cup of tea and feel good while drinking it.  It was so gorgeous and fine with beautiful pink hand painted roses and makes me feel like the Queen of England at high tea (whatever that feels like). I want the cup I am drinking out of to feel comfortable in my hand and this one did.

The Princess and the Tea I wondered if there was any truth that tea needs to be drunk in a porcelain cup since I am also very attached to my pink princess mug.  If I don’t feel like being a queen I can be a princess and every time I raise this mug to take a sip I am instantly reminded about that particular.

We can argue about the taste quality for each container, but what we can’t argue about is the feeling you experience when you allow yourself to be worth the extra effort. With or without scientific evidence that one tastes better than the other, my special cups make me feel special and there’s nothing wrong with that. A little extra love every now and then or at least every night when you pour your favorite hot tea into your favorite cup or mug is not up for arguing. It’s a necessi-tea.

What’s your favorite cup?

P.S. Looking for some really cool tea to pour into your favorite cup, check out my favorite little place, The Art of Tea. 

Rosie Battista

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