LOVE is The Only Ingredient You Need

While watching Oprah interview Martha and something really struck me. Martha asked the audience, “Will someone please invite me to dinner?” She proceeded to said, I am not picky, you can just give me a hot dog and I’ll be happy. Wow. Think about it. The poor woman must never get invited anywhere. Many are intimidated by her home economic skills.

People assume her standards for domestic togetherness is high. But she is human and all she is looking for is a little love and caring. Isn’t that really what we all want? Food is just the vehicle that transports the loving act of feeding someone. Whether it be a gourmet delight or a simple, easy concoction, it fills the need. What exactly does Martha’s comment mean to you? It means that you don’t have to be an exception or good cook to serve up a loving meal for someone. (but please don’t serve anyone a hot dog- do you know what’s in those things? YUCK! You don’t have to fret about the possibility of burning the food or screwing up the recipe. It means that you don’t have to have the perfect menu before you do the inviting. Whatever you cook, prepare it with love and I guarantee that you never disappoint anyone. Think about anytime you were invited somewhere and were fed.

Most often we are so grateful for someone showering us with love and care that the taste is the last thing we focus on. It’s the company and the kindness that matter most. Remember that love is the only ingredient you need.

LOVE is The Only Ingredient You Need Little tiny details like shaping these burgers into heart changes the experience. A dose of love is always helpful and a reminder to whomever is enjoying your food,  they are embraced and showered with love, tlc and attention.  This time the recipient was all me. Dining alone and eating both of these hearts!  YUM-azing.   What can you do to to jazz up your dining experience and share your love with self or someone else?

Rosie Battista

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