Mystical, Sacred and Lucky 7


The number seven is considered a mystical and sacred number.

It seems to be represented in more concepts in our culture than any other number. Here are some examples:

 A Seven year itch
 The Seven deadly sins
 The Seven seas
 A Seventh heaven

More significant to us, seven is also the amount of pounds gained by the average American between the holiday time of Halloween and New Years. It is lovingly referred to as the “Seasonal Seven” (At least it sounds better than the freshman fifteen!)

Seven does not sound like such a monumental, unfriendly number, unless you are talking about seven screaming 2 years olds in one room or the unwanted weight gain, of course. How does one stay clear of this addition to the waste line? Do you have to leave the country or change your religion? Turn into the Grinch and reject any and ALL party invitations that come your way? Or perhaps become more like Scrooge, bored, alone and miserable…not to mention hungry? Dare I say that it does not have to be this way?

Is it necessary for our weight to fluctuate so drastically at holiday time? Can we indulge without OVERindulging? We act as if we can never eat again, will never see this stuff again and have to eat it all right now. Do you really want to spend the next 2 months losing the weight you added on in 2 weeks? It would a lot easier if we just avoided putting it on in the first place.

This holiday season take the opportunity to get thru this time with a sense of respect for food and for your body. Step it up to take care of yourself, shower yourself with good wholesome food, good wholesome people. Be picky about where you spend your time and with whom you spend your time. Toxic food, toxic environments and toxic people cause toxic results.

Here are a few things that you can do:

1) Make a list of the obligatory situations that you commit to that are no longer serving you. These are the things you do every year because you did them every year before. (Ex: Going out with that group of women who you have lost all commonality with, simply because it has become a tradition) Start a new tradition; one that you are excited about.
2) Don’t eat alone (or with an open refrigerator as your sole companion). Sit down with someone special and enjoy a treat together.
3) Schedule some down time. Write it in your calendar as you would an important appointment with an important person. Do something you love, read a book, see a movie, and take a bath or a nap.
4) Enjoy the season. You are never too old to pick apples, carve pumpkins, or make Christmas ornaments.
5) When you go to a party, volunteer to make and bring your own dish. Make it the healthiest and the yummiest dish of the day. Everyone will think you are a rockstar.
6) Give yourself the gift of a massage, a pedicure, a manicure, some tea time, whatever form of down time to relax and rejuvenate. You deserve it.


After all, it’s only a numbers game. So play the game to win it and leave the number seven to the seas or the itch.

Rosie Battista

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