Knee High Boots or Boot the Gluten

My daughter is acknowledged for many talents, basketball, creativity, strength.  Her fashion skills, we’ll just say that she has her very own unique style.

So when most daughters are calling their moms and saying, “lets go get those new high knee boots that everyone is getting”, she calls me and says, “Mom, I think I wanna go gluten free”.

You may say that that is no big deal but she made this call on two days before Thanksgiving, which meant I had to adjust the recipes to accommodate her needs.

The truth is that our diets are very low in wheat and gluten if we have any at all. It was the stuffing that was the key. I had planned to make this Ezekiel (sprouted grain) bread stuffing that I made last year, instead I went on the search for gluten free bread.

What I discovered is that there are plenty of gluten free items available in regular stores these days. Its newly fashionable to be going ” gluten free”.

Thanksgiving Dinner was divine. I’d like to share the turkey dressing or stuffing as we say in this neck of the woods.  It was yummy delish and definitely a recipe that I will make again.

Knee High Boots or Boot the GlutenOops, I forgot the apples.  I used 2 chopped Fuji apples.

Knee High Boots or Boot the Gluten

Kate cut up the gluten free bread into cubes. (she did a lovely job I might add).

Knee High Boots or Boot the GlutenHere’s our leftover pan which is completely gone now and I enjoyed every bit of it.  (alright, I know, this isn’t the most appetizing picture) However, I will absolutely assure you this recipe is wonderful and the stuffing was a hit, even to those who had no clue or care about the gluten free part.

Knee High Boots or Boot the GlutenThe end of the story goes like this.
Kate and I got up on Black Friday morning and went to the mall at 8 am. We were to do a bit of Christmas shopping.  Instead we shopped for ourselves or I might rephrase that, instead we shopped for Kate and guess what we got – those knee high boots. Her very first pair of killer fashion boots and I might add, she looked quite nice in them.

Here’s a picture of her in her new footwear.

Knee High Boots or Boot the GlutenThe only thing better than the Thanksgiving stuffing was going to the mall on Black Friday with my daughter, talking, shopping, sharing, and loving.

Rosie Battista

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