I’m Not Hungry, I’m Just Pissed

As I was standing at the refrigerator door a few hours ago looking for something to grab, I realized, that I was not hungry, but i was PISSED!

Thank goodness I was able to make that connection before I began a session of stuffing down or filling up with food that I was not physically hungry for.

The good news is that I have finally developed the skills to recognize and make the connection before I do any damage. It has been a process of self discovery and growth and not always an easy one. I help my clients with the skills to awareness and change around this somewhat insidious issue.

There is a great acronym that I used as a tool before I enhanced my own skills, understood and discovered the ability to decipher what was really going on and listen to my inner guidance. Now I can slam that door shut and that’s what I did a few hours ago.  So I was sitting and wondering, am I the only one with this issue?

I think not, so I am shariing the acronym with you and hope that if you find yourself angry, tired or lonely, you fill that need with the solution other than food. It’s the word HALT and I would think of these words and as I opened the refrigerator door and as the food faced me,  I could face these questions.  What am I really feeling here? What is it that I really want? I can’t share what I really wanted at that moment, I was pissed, remember. But I am over it now and have moved on to writing this blog post about it and that has taken away the anger and replaced it with fun and creative thinking which always makes me happy.

Here are your words and you would need to ask “AM I…

  • Hungry?
  • Angry?
  • Lonely?
  • Tired?

These are some common reasons that people grab for food . So my being “Pissed” at my ex was the catalyst propelling me to eat. However, I am happy announce, I cut the propellors off at takeoff. All of my hard work of focus, 100 percent, and my goal of May 7 circling around my thoughts as well. How much more pissed would I be if I ate for no reason at all?  Then I would have only myself to be pissed at.

Nope, not tonight, I will not be mad at me. I am actually physically hungry now and I will venture to prepare a nice meal of some grilled fish after I check out what’s fresh at the store, with some sauteed onions, leeks and spinach as the bed. Simple, healthy, lean, clean and YUM. One more step toward taking good care of me and moving me in the direction of my goal.

Oh and on the subject anger and ex annoyances, (ex’s will do that to you, it’s their job) but that’s for another blog and exercise on letting go and forgiveness. It seems we have a lot of things to incorporate in order to take the extreme care of ourselves that we deserve. One step at a time will get us there. Today I took the next best step that I could and grew healthier in the process both in my eating, in my mind and in my heart.

FYI – You won’t hear from me tomorrow. Tomorrow is Sunday and I have declared it a day of rest. That is another way to take care of yourself – REST!

Talk to you on Monday Morning.

Rosie Battista

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