Stepped It Up and Showing Up in Good Form

I was invited to a girls night out “High Heel and Psychic” Party this weekend.   I decided that since the invitation mentioned high heels I should at least focus on the “high” “heels” part when selecting my attire for the evening.

Stepped It Up and Showing Up in Good Form

My highest heels are this pair of platform Guess Black Suede Pumps. I got them ready but as I looked them over decided that while they were nice,  they were a tad plain and boring for a high heel focused engagement.

It got me thinking about life as I looked at my shoes, and I started to think of how I could do a little extra and make it a lot better. I got out some purple and gold satin ribbon left over from Christmas, and two old pins, made a bow and pinned it on my shoes and WOW.

I transformed my plain little shoes into fancy party one of a kind rockin’ high heels. I walked into the party and all the ladies wanted to know where I got them. The little “extra” effort that I put in, yielded results of wow proportions. Now we are talking about shoes, but in continuing the conversation and relating those shoes to life, I stepped it up a notch by making one simple little change.

Stepped It Up and Showing Up in Good Form

The key is to step up your nutrition, your food, your workouts.  All the little things that we do have the potential of adding up to produce huge results. I decided to step it up a notch by adding an extra 5 minutes to my treadmill walk this week. With a click of my high heels, I made the decision to stay just five minutes extra each day.  Something about stepping it up and taking yourself to the next level feels really good.

As I was getting out of my car and walking towards the party, there was another lady on her way in; to my horror and despair she was wearing flats. “She had no idea of the view and what she was missing from up there on top of these heels. The little things count and add up to the big changes. 5 minutes a day of extra cardio adds up to 35 extra minutes for the week.

It’s almost like having 8 days in the week. I’ve created the space and time to get what I need. 

Rosie Battista

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