When the Hammer Hits My New iPhone

Today was the day that I got hit with a hammer on my head.  A lovely little wake up call of necessary proportions. After the talk it occurred to me that maybe I could just use the hammer that hit me in the head to smash my new iPhone. My iPhone is on the chopping block.

When the Hammer Hits My New iPhone

There are 2 reasons that I considered this violent act of aggression.

Here are my smashing justifications:

It is distracting from ME and my workouts. I feel compelled to answer it wherever and whenever and get sucked in by what is sometimes toxicity of the other end.

This long awaited and week old i-phone from Verizon drops calls and is so sensitive to movement and my chin that the call dropping process is way too frequently and it’s annoying. You can just ask my friend Lisa who is now besides herself with my consistent dropping out and it could be in the middle of REALLY important stuff!

So back to the hammer and pep talk. I needed to hear it. The gist of the conversation and the main message; Leave your sh*t outside of the gym. My coach said,” Rosie, what’s up? You come in here distracted by phone calls and stuff. When you come here this is your sacred space, it’s where you come to escape and take care of yourself and your goals”.

That is correct. MY gym time is MY time. My sacred time and the self care that I choose to incorporate into my day and I deserve it. So if you call me and I am working out, sorry, you won’t get me. Thats my new commitment to myself. One thing you can be sure of, I will be dropping in on Verizon today for a little chat on dropping out.


Are you tuning out of life and hanging on the phone? How would the experience of the day change if you shut off distractions and stayed present to the person or activity you were with?

Rosie Battista

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  1. I think the dropped calls can be fixed with a setting adjustment. You may need to take it to the Apple store and get help at the Genius Bar. Good luck!

  2. I keep my phone with me most times and have my husband set to a special ring tone. He’s the only reason I’ll interrupt “sacred” time. But do go to the Apple store as Larry suggested, they’re wonderful and so helpful.