Excuses That Become Reasons

I woke up today and decided to start on a million projects and it is now 12:30 pm and I have not gotten to the gym yet. One of the things that I know works for ME, is getting my workouts done first thing. It sets me up for the rest of the day. Trying to go now in the middle of the afternoon when I have other items I want to do, relax, write, read and go the the movies, is interfering with my plans. As an old coach of mine used to say, “You can turn any excuse into a reason not to do something”, I am doing exactly that right this minute as I come up with the “reasons” not to go.

Excuses That Become Reasons

You know that I have told you before I love, love working out once I get there. In order to get there,  I need to set myself up for success and follow my ritual, my routine, my plan, my schedule and GET UP and GO GO GO, and not think about it. Kinda like the “just do it” campaign. That works for me. So I am back to my practice of “strict routine no matter what mode.”

My goal for this coming week; Up and at ’em.  To the gym and back.

That’s my plan, my intention, my goal, my strategy for successfully making it happen.

What’s yours?

Rosie Battista

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