Gratitude for My Bestest Kitchen Buddy: Vitamix

One of the things I use consistently on a daily basis is my gorgeous powerful nutrition center, also known as the Vitamix.


She always shows up, patiently waiting for me, either on the counter or soaking in the sink (I use her so much). She works hard, really hard and produces amazing results.

I take her for granted sometimes. And its not until I speak to someone who doesn’t have her and they are suffering the consequences of lumpy shakes and inability to really shake up their nutrition and body, do I realize and appreciate just how lucky I am. You will suffer for not knowing her.  She’s been with me for 17 years and I love her. Let me say now to all of you I AM SO VERY GRATEFUL to have her in my life and in my kitchen.

She is by my side, supporting me, giving me all the good stuff I need. Worth every bit of sacrifice to get her. Scroll down, click on her picture on the right side bar and get her delivered to your house. You will never regret it. Everyone of my clients gives in eventually and makes a true investment in their health. They always tell me how much “We” (me and her) changed their lives. Ready to join us?

Oh and while we are talking Gratitude, let me add:

  1. my kids
  2. my dogs
  3. my friends
  4. my clients
  5. my home
  6. my body
  7. my food
  8. my life

What are you grateful for today?

Psst! Check out all the amazing things the vitamix can do with some Virtually Live Cooking Lessons. They’re FREE and my gift to you.

Here are the ingredients to the ice cream in the vitamix if you’ve suddenly been moved to a treat.

Gratitude for My Bestest Kitchen Buddy: Vitamix
and… You’re welcome! Enjoy.

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