There’s No Such Thing As A Dainty Shovel

It certainly felt like I used this tool to eat my dinner last night. I was friggin’ starving and couldn’t get it in fast enough. Ever feel like you are shoveling your food in, without even tasting or experiencing the joy of eating?

There's No Such Thing As A Dainty ShovelI am all about the joy of eating. Nothing annoys me more that to have a “bad” meal, meaning one I don’t like. That’s a waste of a good meal and I like to make all of my meals count and I want to LOVE my food. So lets talk about the love part. I certainly was not loving my food or my body using this shovel to execute my dinner. This shovel is not very pretty nor was the sight of me trying to fit it onto my heart shaped plate and into my mouth. Not at all artful or dainty.

Upon turning the wonderful age of 50 a few months ago, I designated myself a Princess (I hope you’ll do the same for yourself ).  I have much better tools for getting the food loving into my loving body. One of the tools is my brain, when if used properly allows me to eat mindfully, slowing and daintily like a Princess would, tasting and allowing myself the true experience of eating well.  It is a way that I honor this temple of mine that you may call me body and I call “ROSIE”.  In addition to tasting, savoring, smelling, enjoying

There's No Such Thing As A Dainty Shoveland loving my food and every bite, I like to use a very small demitasse dessert spoon for my oatmeal. It reminds me to slow down, taste and experience my meal. After all as a Princess, I deserve nothing less. What about you? Let me know when you will be crowning yourself as Princess of your world. Here I am in crown and tiara.

There's No Such Thing As A Dainty Shovel

Rosie Battista

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