Golden Moments

Yes I am here, and no, I haven’t gone completely nuts. It was an experiment and I learned a lot. My daughter’s marketing class prompted us into a marketing conversation about what current companies are up to.

She learns such cool stuff in her marketing class that makes me want to be back in college. There are a lot of reasons that I would want to be back in college but I won’t elaborate on them in this conversation. So after the marketing discussion we ended up here and actually opened the door and went in to test out the golden moments.

Golden MomentsA line out the friggin’ door. Go figure.

There is one of these joints on every corner in NYC, sometimes two corners just in case you can’t get across the street.  As our marketing discussion went, Word on the street, or their marketing strategy, was to offer GOOD coffee at a cheap price. Main goal, to get the people in there and sell them other stuff.

Golden MomentsThey even subliminally suggest that they are actually a coffee cafe with a fancy sign to prove it. So we sauntered in to get some coffee (I confess).

1. Apparently people don’t read, which is evidenced by the line out the door. The Green Coffee/Shake/Drink was featured for the month with a grand 680 calories for that cup of “dressed up” joe! All of the items had the price and the calorie counts next to, apparently it’s the law.  Some burgers were 1500. Wow Baby! I could eat a whole day full of nutritious, satisfying pure naked food for the same amount and feel healthy and satisfied after I eat it.

2. The only coffee worth drinking is the organic coffee I grind in my grinder and press in my coffee press and top off with coconut milk.

3. The only gold of this adventure (not the arches) was the quality time spent with my lovely daughter.

4. Today is Lent and I decided to give up coffee.  Please don’t mention to God that I do this for more selfish reasons. Coffee and the caffeine makes my head spin, even my good stuff. So I am using this event as the “excuse” that I turned into a very god reason to give up the stuff.

P.S. Please do not tell anyone where I was. It will be our little secret.

– Rosie Battista

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  1. Rosie, don’t worry, a famous general once said… “you must know your enemy before you can defeat them”.. consider this your “recon” mission.. LOL!!

  2. I won’t tell either if you don’t tell on me. About three or four times a year harry and I go to In-N-Out Burger and we each get a burger protein style (no bun, wrapped in lettuce) and an iced tea. We split an order of fries. Most of the time we eat very well, organic, home-cooked so we don’t feel too bad about it. Good for you for checking it out! You’re right, people don’t read, it amazes me. ;-D