Your Style of Origin

You can’t take the Staten Island out of the “accent” or the mud out of the “taste buds”.

That’s what I have discovered. I was really good at making mud pies – Staten Island Mud Pies.

I am a concoctor. A recipe builder. I love to play with my food and eat with my hands.


I had a bakery once.  Way back.


My bakery was set up in my yard.


And way back in the day when playing in the dirt was in vogue, I baked in the dirt. I have fond memories of perfecting these little pots of moist soil decorated strategical with rocks, twigs, berries and leaves. I concocted and prepared them and let them bake in the sun.

They looked good enough to eat then. That go me thinking about how eating a lot of dirt, may have altered my taste buds a bit.

My taste buds prefer earthy flavors. This Vega Performance Protein Powder is one of my favorites things to add to shakes. This very green, very earthy flavor full of phytonutrients and superfoods as well as gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, green based protein. Check out the super ingredients here, one of the purest, nakedest, protein powders I could find.

Your Style of Origin

I mix it with berries, bananas, ginger, carrots and is quite a treat. I have the consistency down just right for me. i like to eat my shake with a spoon like its raw cookie dough or cake batter. I have a great imagination as well!

Your Style of OriginMy yummy little mud pie. According to my mentor and teacher, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, your taste buds will change if you give them time. Most of us taste something, say “yuck” and move one. This is great news for those of you addicted to sugar.

The trick is to give it the time it needs and then your world is open to new and exciting foods. The best part of getting off the sugar, salty, processed foods is the way you feel AFTER you eat. That crap makes you feel exactly that way after you eat it. I have made the connection in my mind and it’s so strong that I know if I have a sugar infested product, I  will be tired, cranky, irritable, and sleepless at night.

That’s not always worth my time and life, so I choose my earthiness (which I have grown to love) and appreciate how it tastes going down and most especially the energy boost and amazing way I feel after I eat the pure naked stuff.

Your Style of Origin

Some of us never grow up.

I like scraping the blender clean, kinda the way I used to when I was baking the real cakes with Grandma Violet.  She’d let us lick the beaters; it was the moment we waited patiently for and it was the best.

I like being a kid at heart at heart and at 50. I’ve made the decision that at this side of the gate,  I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, and not worry about what anyone thinks of me!

What is your style? Where did it originate?

Rosie Battista

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