Roc is Peeing Outside Again

I know that Spring is right here because Roc (my favorite little pugster) is finally peeing outside. Trust me, this has been a long, long winter of wee wee padded rugs. When there is even the slightest bit of snow on the ground, he won’t do his business outside. He waits. No matter how long you walk him. He waits. You walk. He waits. When you get inside the house. He pees. It’s the way it is. So the equation becomes as simple as “when the snow melts, Roc pees”.

Roc is Peeing Outside Again

Imagine that we had a simple equation for losing weight. Imagine if it was that easy to lose weight with the flip of an attitude, and as the snow melted away, those extra, annoying, unwanted pounds melted off with it. If anyone tells you that it’s that easy, they are lying to you.

We wake up day after day, month after month and we have one or two days of what we refer to as “good” eating and then we expect that all those extra pounds we “worked” at packing on, are going to melt away like the snow without any work. And when it doesn’t happen instantly the first day we are “good”, we throw in the towel.  That doesn’t work that way, not no way, not no how.

You gotta work and you gotta work hard. Don’t be scared away by this, it really is doable if you break it down to daily functions and improvements that add up over time. It is about building systems and sustainable steps that you can implement and act on that each day that make the different and make the changes happen.
First make the decision. You are going to pee outside. The pee outside.

Decide to get rid of the weight that is dragging you down and holding you back.

Then you step outside that comfort zone.

Rosie Battista

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