Beyond Sweetness

This little pup is what I consider to be beyond sweetness.

Is  it possible to replace a sugar addiction with a special treat that makes you smile.

Beyond Sweetness

Roc, my pug, is pure love, just waiting for me ( or anyone that offers the opportunity of a warm body or hand) to give him some loving at the kitchen table,  most likely in the form of food. Besides being a pug, he’s a real foodie. Humming around the kitchen looking for whatever falls his way is a daily event for him.

I baked today.

Beyond Sweetness

These scones that I baked are OMG!

Pure, naked sweetness without a stitch of sugar. I shared them with my “healthy eating chiropractor friend who responded after one bite,  “Theses scones are crazy good. There has to be some nasty stuff in there! “.


To which I  happily replied,


“Sorry Doc, these babies are naked: with almond flour, eggs, strawberries. Yes that’s it. The naked promise”.

Sweetness doesn’t come just from food. It comes in lots of forms if we are open to it ~ whether it’s enjoying the adorable things in life like your pug resting at the kitchen table or scones made with pure NAKED ingredients. Both are yummy delicious and oh so very very sweet!

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Rosie Battista

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