Nail Yourself Down

I am always so thrilled when my daughter comes home from college and I get time with her. I will drop everything else to be with her. I love her company and enjoy the conversations that we have as I always learn something from her.

This weekend I learned what she does to settle down and relax. She suffers from what I suffer from and what my mom suffers from and probably what you suffer from. The inability to sit and relax without jumping up or getting distracted or heaven forbid, feeling guilt while we slow down.

My daughter literally nails herself down. She intentionally puts on her favorite show and then polishes her nails. This is the insurance that she needs to lock herself down in a relaxed state until they dry. She’s my girl!

I’ve tried her advice and polished my nails last night.  I found this “Extreme Wear” for my “Extreme Care”. It’s definitely black but that’s okay because last I read black was the new french.

Not only am I relaxed, I’m in style.

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