Joys of Cooking Naked Recipes

As I stare at the pile of dirty dishes in my sink, I questioned briefly this idea of the joy of cooking recipes. Then I ate my l lunch and I remembered why I feel joy when I cook up my recipes. YUM!

Today for lunch, I had a perfectly ripe ready mango, (given to me by a client so I wanted to eat it). I cut some mango in a bowl, and added little leftovers from my fridge to concoct this delish salad that consisted of sliced mango, black beans, cashews, spinach, shredded coconut, dried papaya. It was like a mini trip to the Caribbean and easy.

It too all of  2 minutes to throw together in one bowl. So how did I get a sink full of dishes?

When you cook at home you use a lot more dishes in the prep. My recipes are really simple and easy and healthy to do. I am just like you, I don’t have a lot of time to spend cooking up recipes but I do have to eat and I only eat naked, so nothing out of a box will do. It’s a different kind of prep time than opening a box and sticking it in a microwave. Those minutes that you are microwaving can be spent concocting a yummy salad like the one I made today.

Consider that you have prep work for everything you do; leaving the house (your hair, your makeup, picking out an outfit) getting to your destination (find the keys, check to lock the doors, walk the dogs, warm up the car, whatever) These are all rituals and practices that you incorporate into your daily living.

The same goes for prepping your food.

When you cook naked and experience the joy of cooking recipes, it’s simply a matter of putting a few things into place.

The naked way of eating is simple, not complicated and I did not start all at once. It took time to build food knowledge, cooking skills and kitchen confidence. It’s like anything you do, as you learn and practice, it gets easier and easier.

The joy of cooking naked has changed for me into the joy of eating my own concoctions. I have control over what I eat and it matters to my body and health. What I put in I will get out. Joyfully cooking matters too. If you are loving what you are doing, loving what you are eating, it is not work, its all about love.

I have mastered the joy of cooking recipes and creating new ones. Now I need to learn time management skills so that I wash a dish after I use it so they don’t pile up in the sink. Joy! Joy!

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