Eating on a “Cell”ular Level for WeightLoss

I was out to lunch today with 4 lovely ladies. I glanced around the table at one point during desert and all 5 woman, including me, had cellphones either in their hands or at the side of their plate.

You probably have an excuse for the reason that you NEED to have your phone in full view… you know “just in case”… I ask you, is your “reason” really the truth? Must your phone be there in front of you, just in case?”

Upon further thinking it seemed bizarre to be connected to technology, it’s obvious why we can’t relax, be fully present in the moment or have peaceful alone time. We’re never alone.

That cellular device hits you at the cellular level as you switch your thoughts to whoever and whatever may possibly be on the other end of the phone. Most woman have it out “JUST IN CASE”.  Not for the Kate Spade “case” but just in “case” one of the kids calls, or the husband, or the boss.


All of which puts you in a state of worry, anticipation, overload and overwhelm about a possibility and apprehension about a phone call that will most likely be someone NEEDING something from you. The whole idea is stressful. 

How stressful? How can you enjoy the meal, digest what you ingest, or participate fully in a conversation with the person at your table at the moment if you are thinking about, filing through emails and facebook posts with your smart phone?

What if we could outsmart our smart phones and leave them off the table or at the very least turned off. The moments of joyful connections with others would instantly appear. The missing mindful eating and smooth digestion without anticipated stresses, buzzes, beeps and blings are key to effectively losing weight and being healthy.  The food we eat goes into our body, we swallow, we digest. Broken down, it goes into your blood, through your veins, becomes your CELLS, affecting your mood, your attitude and your weight.

If you want to lose weight, return to simplicity which not only means taking in pure and naked foods, but shutting out distractions, especially during sacred meal times. The times when you are nourishing your body with the nutrients need to live fully and healthfully.

Have I got your number yet?

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. The way we allow our cells to rule us these days it feels like the tail is wagging the dog. The phone is there as a tool to help us. When we allow it to distract us from what we are actually doing, it is destructive in all the ways you mention above.

    Brian Weiss, a business consultant, even advises not to watch the news. He feels that anything that you have to know will reach you. Maybe his view is extreme but he does have a point.

    I leave my phone in my bag and check it periodically, during interruptions in my day. Then I return my calls and emails. This goes a long way toward maintaining my sanity.