Change Your Applesauce Experience

Shopping for applesauce took a lot longer than planned.

Who knew I would have so many choices, varieties, flavors and brands?

The thought that apple sauce is healthy no matter which one you pick up off the shelf is false.  I had to pick up every jar and look at the ingredients to find “one” (actually I found only 3)  that had “APPLES ONLY” (and spices) on the ingredient list.

The good news is that grocery shopping doesn’t always have to be such a challenging event. Once you discover the naked “brand” that works for you, stick with it.

Out of 15 options, I found these 3 unsweetened jars that were clean from other additives.


With the amount of time it took to select, I could have easily prepared my own in my kitchen, which is exactly what I wound up doing anyway. The recipe is easy, using only apples and cinnamon and a little water in a pot.

For an added little bonus, it made the kitchen smell amazing delicious…

After making the sauce, I put it in a beautiful glass jar and into the refrigerator. Tasting so much better than the store bought stuff, my plan is to make this a habit. If I want apple sauce, I’ll concoct it in my kitchen. Period.
If you need more a reason to make your own. Watch T.V.

As a food channel junkie, one of the things that grosses me totally out is when they show food in big vats being produced and stirred by machines. All kinds of stuff could fall into that mixture and it often does.  EEKKK!  That idea of a huge vat of applesauce being spun in machines and coming out of tubes and pipes does not have me rushing to isles to purchase any jar.
If you really consider the time taken and the incredibly different feeling you get from your hand created food, the trade off of getting your hands and heart involved in your eating or just your wallet, is not equal.

You deserve more. You deserve better. It’s a one time deal, this body you have. So treat it with the respect it deserves. Adding 10 minutes more in the kitchen to serve it well will show up in all other areas of your life. Those 10 minutes will enhance your life experiences tenfold.


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  1. Yes, the same thing happened to me when I was looking at sweet potato fries in the frozen food section. There were tons of chemicals along with the sweet potatoes in those bags! I bought the real deal sweet potatoes, peeled ’em and cut them myself, then tossed them with some EVOO and some spices and threw them in the oven. They were delicio-so as Dora says and sans chemicals!!
    Grocery shopping in general takes longer if you’re gonna read the labels, so think how much time you save by going naked in the grocery store! No. . . . . not naked yourself–your food!!
    Love ya, Rosie–you inspire me all the time!!