Low Cal, Gluten Free, Fat Free Wraps


I ate 3 wraps for lunch. You can eat as many as you want without the guilt and without reading any labels. Using greens for wrapping is a simple solution for easily getting rid of the “bread” that doesn’t serve your body well. The strong leaves of collard green are my favorite, as they can hold lots of goodies. I also like romaine, kale, boston lettuce. Try some green leaves, you’ll fall instantly in love with the idea.

Here I just wrapped my salad in a leaf. I washed and dried the collard leaf, cut out the thickest part of the stem and got wrapped and ready.

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  1. Lovely! We do “wraps” all the time. Leftover chicken and veggies in lettuce leaves with miso dressing, all kinds of veggies and proteins. Thanks for sharing this! Yummy.