A Down and Dirty Plate

When you get right down to it I am a sugar addict like everyone else.


I have made a decision.


I have made an agreement.


Sugar and I don’t mix.


It’s a drug. Sugar gives you a high and once you start, well, you know… It wreaks havoc on your body and your brain. I choose to stay as far away from the stuff as I can.

I’ve put systems in place that I can call upon to help me in challenging situations like the one this week ~ a Carrot (cake) dangling in front of me, dripping with cream cheese icing (my fave) placed in front of me while I was glued to a chair, at a table, at a luncheon, packed with woman, and no ability to move or leave the table without asking 3 people to move and disrupting the speaker in the middle of a workshop! We’ve all been there. You, the cake and your conscience. The longer you sit with it in front of you, no matter how strong your intentions, the weaker you grow. Sugar does that. It’s that powerful as you grow weaker in its presence.

I coulda said, “f***k it, I’ll just eat it and justified that “it’s a small piece”, “it’s just this once”, or “whatever …”

But I didn’t. Partly because summer and skimpy clothes are at my doorstep, but mostly because I know what it does to my body, my head and how sick, tired, and cranky I feel after I eat it.

I wanna feel good, don’t you?

So I had to resort. The decision was to tap into one of my tactics and trash it, making it even more unfit for human consumption. Not really pretty to look at and no longer fit to pick on. Right there at the luncheon, in front of a group of woman who were daintily finishing every sweet bite off their plate,

I threw every piece of garbage on the table into the crappy cake that was hijacking all of my sensations.

The woman next to me laughed but she continued to finish her piece of cake.


I’m not there to judge what anyone else does. I am there to be true to me and to my body. I am here to make the decision that fits my life and style. And so are you. You can do whatever you want. You can eat whatever you want.  But if you eat whatever you want, you may not have the body you want.

You have choices. There are no food police. There is no one force feeding you. This one is ALL YOU.

If you say you want a healthy sexy body, you have to lay off the refined sugar sh*t because you will look and feel the same way. You can’t trick your body. What you put in is what you get out.

What is your style? What tools do you use? What works for you? What decisions to do make around your food that impact how you look and feel?

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  1. Well said, Rosie. I saw you doing that at the luncheon and give you a lot of credit. I left my carrot cake untouched and that was the first time that I didn’t eat the dessert at that luncheon. I was detoxing before a big weekend writing a book, so I felt so much better going into the weekend not having my body full of that sugar s**t. Thanks for giving us a great strategy for avoiding the dessert in front of us!