Shut Up and Do It

Them “fighting words” were directed at me by my daughter this morning at She (Kate) is back from College for the summer and the beauty is that now I have a training buddy. It’s really important to have someone at your back, by your side, and in your corner when you are working out. I suggest you either get a professional trainer that you are accountable to or get a buddy that will push you (maybe even tell you to shut up).

Honestly if she was not there this morning I would have stopped my workout midway and said, Ive had enough. Instead I went through the entire workout and feel quite good about it right now. Trust me, at the time it was not that pleasurable. We were doing these ridiculous lunge sets with an 18 pound bar. (I made them up myself.

I love to make up exercises, doing them is a whole different ball game) Yes, they were only stationary lunges but with an added bonus of multiple proportions. The workout consisted of

10 and a leg lift, 9 and a leg lift 8 and a leg lift and on until the last 1 and a leg lift. That is a total of 55 on each leg – TWICE around.

Painful. Ouch!

So I admit it, I was whining and I must have been annoying my daughter because she (Kate) blurted out a “SHUT UP and JUST DO IT”.


I didn’t really like hearing that from my 21 year old, however it did motivate me to shut up and get my head in the game. I stopped complaining and just did it. It’s amazing what a shift in mindset can do. When you focus on what is hard, IT IS hard.  When you let go of that idea, and focus on being strong… well,

guess what happens?


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  1. Love that phrase by Nike “Just Do It” but unfortunately I don’t follow it often enough! = ( My daughter and husband are my fitness partners from time to time and they can’t put up with my whining either! LOL =D They’re pushovers though! The whining works every time! I’ll stick with a trainer any day! – Love your website! = )

  2. There’s no motivation like a buddy. Especially one who you can be competitive with.

    My annoying 22-year old self is going to mention one small thing… “whine”