How to Boil an “EGG”cellently Perfect EGG

Eggs are a really versatile fun food. We scramble them. We fry them. We boil them. We chop them. We put them in things and on things. We color them. We hide them. We roll them. We throw them. Is there any other food that offers all of these options.

As kids in my family, we called or eggs “dunkin’ eggs”, (long before Dunkin’ Donuts stole the idea). I later found out these were really sunny side uppers.  We would cut our toast into strips and dunked the toast in the yolk.

If we weren’t eating Dunkin Eggs, we were eating soft boiled eggs in special little cups. I have an obsession with dishes. I am all about the pretty plate and how the food lays out.  I’m obsessed with these egg cups and on a mission to find my grandma’s cups or something close to it.

Eggs make great portable snacks. Boil some and have them on hand.

Here’s how to boil a perfect hard boiled egg.

1. Place eggs in a pot, with cold water that covers 1 inch above the eggs.

2. Bring water to a boil over high heat.

3. After boil, turn off heat and cover pot.

4. Leave eggs in covered pot for 12 minutes.

5. Run eggs under cold water and refrigerate.

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