The Life-styling Skill to Control Your Chocolate

Have you ever met a bag of M&M’s that didn’t pull your hand like a magnet into the bag? M&M’s, btw, are so rockin’ these days,  hot colors, dark chocolate, covered nuts, mini’s, personalized photos.  They have become almost “gourmet-like’ in their presentations and marketing.

There was a time in my life that I coulda, woulds and did eat the whole bag.

They’re little addictive drops of sugar. Yup, sugar is a drug and yup, sugar hijacks your taste buds, destroys your will power and sabotages any intention of control that you may have thought you had.  So it’s not your fault really. You can rest assured that you are not alone.

There is a lot to be done in the self love department in order to step fully away from the sugar. Self sabotage can result from many feelings. If you are tired, pissed, annoyed, bored, it can call your name and beckon to you more loudly.

Pretending you’ll have just a few, usually doesn’t work that well. Even if you don’t eat it all at the same sitting, the picking and picking can go on all day.

No matter the amount of denying that the bag is indeed gone will replace the reminder in the form of a stomach ache or belly bloat.

One of the life styling tricks I practice around chocolate is not having it around.  I love chocolate and I do indulge. I choose the most decadent kind and I do it in a unique way. I don’t kid myself into saying I am so in control that I can have bags sitting there and continually walk by. So I prepare.

I go to the bulk containers in the supermarket. These are secret little “Portion Controllers”. I get to control how much I take out for the day. I get to control how much chocolate I bring into my kitchen and how much I take into my body.

This is my portion in the little baggie at the checkout.

I chose to eat 6 decadent, dark, chocolate covered almonds and paid 68 cents. Saving my waist and my wallet.  Fun and double yum.

YES IT IS MORE THAN ENOUGH. Because there were only a few, I took my time eating them. Enjoy every last bite or suck.

This was enough to satisfy my ‘NEED’ and desire for chocolate and I finished the bag without guilt.


What can you do to style your life to support your health and the body you say you want?

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