The Art of Patience and Weight Loss


My daughter and I were having a conversation about women and weight loss.

Quite an intense conversation which unleashed a profound comment from my girl. She said, “look how easily we go from grateful to greedy”.

She was talking specifically about weight loss and our reaction to what happens on the scale. We get pissed off when it doesn’t move down fast enough for our expectations. We’re happy the first week of a diet when the weight comes off quickly. Then after that, it’s all downhill with trashy thoughts that fill our heads.

How many times have you stepped on the scale and complained in disappointment that you ONLY lost one or two pounds? How often do the little thoughts in your head shout out, “I can’t believe I only lost a pound and I was perfect!”?
What if you were to say: “I am so grateful for my health and that I am moving in the right direction”?

Have we become desensitized by the national “big loser” television shows that have people dropping whole pant sizes in one day?  Let’s be real, it’s friggin’ television!
Good food and fitness practices are important but

patience and gratitude

are your missing link to losing the weight you desire.

Patience is allowing your body to adjust to your new way of treating it well by feeding it well.  You did not wake up fat one morning because you ate one cookie the day before.  So why do you think you are going to wake up “thin” because you were “GOOD” for a week?

Gratitude is when you thank every single ounce. If you are not grateful for everything you have, trust me on this one, you are not getting any more good stuff. Good things come to those who are thankful. When losing weight, your best course of action is focusing on this idea of

Being grateful, not greedy“.

Hang that one on your scale.

So I ask you today, what are you grateful for? Perhaps it’s your health, your life, your resilient body that will change when you fully participate in the process of being kind to it, feeding it beautiful pure and naked food, moving it, shaking it, dancing in it, celebrating with it and loving it.

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  1. Great post Rosie! i love the point about how quickly we can bounce between those pairs of opposites — grateful and greedy!

    As for me, I’m grateful that I made it through a 3 day experiment with my normal diet and feel great! I’m grateful for new and old friends. And, I’m grateful that I know how to integrate pairs of opposites that threaten my happiness!

  2. I am grateful for the bad days, the days that i dont feel my best bc they make the good days that much more rewarding. I am grateful that the bad days are not a bad as they used to be bc now i view them as serving the purpose of reminding me that i am human and as u stated so elloquently that i am on the correct path.