How to concoct, create and mess up while cooking naked

For the comedian’s out there who have asked me if I burn myself while cooking naked, the answer is yes.

Of course I do.  I burn myself, I cut myself, I drop things, I screw up recipes all the time.

I even cut my finger once while giving a cooking demo at Whole Foods Market. It’s one thing if you it in your own kitchen and quite another in front of an audience. I had to quick grab a towel, wrap my hand and hope that no one noticed. Who knew how created I could get with one hand.

Today while cooking with a client at her home, I put all the ingredients into the bowl before realizing that some needed to be heated separately before being added. Oops. I had to quickly figure out how to get myself out of that. I turned that experience into a lesson of what “not to do” and “how to read a recipe”.

Regardless of little “glitches and oopsies”, the results were yummy.

That’s the cool thing about cooking “naked” foods. You can concoct, create, “mess up”, and it still works.

Come cook naked with me and take some virtually life cooking lessons.


I encourage you to go play in your kitchen. To nourish your body and spirit with the food in it’s most natural form. Have some fun and let go of the idea that you have to spend hours in the kitchen with a cookbook and clean up crew to create a healthy beautiful meal.


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