Monotonous Tongues

The best part of Dr. Furhman’s Healthy Getaway (besides Dr. Fuhrman’s amazing lectures, the pure and “naked” food, and beautiful Park City Utah, are the participants.  Last night for dinner we rode the ski lift to the top of the mountain to the gorgeous facility where we ate our dinner.

These are my new friends who rode up with me.  The couple on the left came all the way from England and the other group is from Korea.

I am amazed that so many people came so far to attend this Health Getaway.  My new Korean friend had an interesting story to tell me when I her asked about the state of “healthy eating” in Korea. She informed me that Korea has the fewest amount McDonald’s than any other country. Then she gave her reasoning for that.

She suggested a term I had never heard before. She told me that people in her country had “Monotonous Tongues“. So let me explain. It means that the Korean people are very happy eating the same thing everyday and they stick to it. They are not that interested in trying anything new.

Ha but in this country if you eat the same old  S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) fare, that is not a good thing.  Eating crap over and over again will help support those earned diseases that we create by feeding our bodies poorly, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

If your tongue is monotonously eating the wrong foods, you may want to consider how you can spice up your dish and give some healthy options a try?

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  1. Great new phrase, “monotonous tongues”! I will have to remember that. I used to call it ‘boring’, not in a judgmental way, but that is what it is to me to eat the same thing every day. I like monotonous tongues better.

  2. Great observation from your Korean friend, nothing wrong with experimentation as long as there is moderation.