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It’s about women. It’s about beauty. It’s about time.

Fifty is definitely only the beginning. But who’s counting?

BOOM wowed me at FabOverFifty

Certainly neither of us are counting. And I assure you both of us are using BOOMSTICKS.

I had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous rockin’ Cindy Joseph at the Fab Over Fifty event in NYC this past weekend. At 49 years old, after spending 25 years making up other professional model’s gorgeous faces, her gorgeous face was discovered. Now at 60, she is a professional baby boomer super-model proudly sporting her long, silky silver hair and embracing every line and crease in her face. She calls it pro-age beauty.  (Not to be confused with anti-aging).

Her message is loud, clear and inspirational as she stood on stage and said,  “Yes, I am aging and it’s okay. I am proud of my grey, my lines and my wisdom.” I say WOO HOO to that ! I call her the real deal. Cindy is eye catching with her natural glow and you can’t help but be drawn to her genuine and “naked” beauty. Even her model photos are very natural looking.

She’s got a great new line of cosmetics that she ingeniously calls BOOM! by Cindy Joseph. I gotta say, her moisture stick is as NAKED as they come. You can practically eat it the ingredients are so pure. It feels really good on  lips and skin and that’s the best part because you can use it all over your body; from your eyes, to your lips, to your face, to your cuticles. Cindy says that the skin on your body is all the same skin. Don’t be fooled by the idea that you have to buy an eye cream and a neck cream and a hand cream… yada, yada. She’s got three Boomsticks, one for moisture, one for a glow, one for a glimmer with a hint of color that actually looks very natural and NAKED. I love it. (of course I do, it’s naked). These sticks are multi-taskers and let’s face it, that works when you are really busy.

The simplicity of her products remind me of food (of course, doesn’t everything?). At times we complicate things when we don’t have to.  Simplicity for your food by eating naked (you don’t even have to read labels – there are none) and simplicity in beauty by using one great product (that serves multiple purposes, for your lips, eyes and cheeks)  leaves you time to do other things that you enjoy.

I bought myself a set of Boomsticks, not only because I am technically a baby boomer, but because the product and it’s creator “WOW”ed me!

We’re meant to age. We actually start that process from birth. So why fight it with anti-aging crap and surgery and supplements and fake, phoney coverups.

You should get some BOOM in your life. Check it out at BoombyCindyJoseph.


At this wonderful age, I wear whatever I want and I say whatever I want. I have my own style of dress, of speaking, of being. I have a purple streak in my hair and a Boomstick in my pocket.  That’s the beauty of aging and accumulating wisdom as you grow. Because I discovered on my fiftieth birthday, that I became a princess and it was not just for the day. So become your princess self and the real you. Start eating better, thinking better, and doing whatever you love.

Oh and BTW way, stop counting.   Become less interested in the numbers. I gave up on calories, age and sticking to a budget and it’s all working quite nicely.  I never really cared much for math anyway.

At 50, I realized I was a princess and it wasn’t just for the day.

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  1. Rosie, you are FABULOUS!!! and such an inspiration. I wish everyone could meet you in person and see what a gem you truly are! 🙂