Scary Halloween Candy

You know this weekend is technically Halloween and that brings out all kinds of “scary” “haunting” calls for candy (along with the sugar demons)!!
Keep in mind if your calling is fierce and your hand dips into those candy corns you should be scared.  If you’re thinking, “I’ll just take a handful, at least know what the frig’ you are eating. While there is no FAT in candy corns, they are sugar bombs with added salt (and tons of colorful food dyes).

Putting it in perspective for you; if you were to grab a handful, (which would be about 25 pieces) you’d be getting 2 TBSP of sugar right into that rockin’ hot sexy body… Surely not a healthy option for your hot bod!

It’s all a trick and one that may set you up for a sugar surge that will not end with you as a happy camper. SO… what is a girl to do on this HALLOWEEN WEEKEND with tempting goblins flying around?… Pick one TREAT that you will give yourself. Of course I would suggest you treat yourself to a manicure, a pedicure, a massage or an event of that nature. How about orange nail polish with a black stripe?  However if you want to do the sweet thing, go with the “ONE and DONE” theory. What I mean by that is: eat one and move on to the next healthiest meal you can have.

I really mean “ONE….. and DONE”. But I will give you another healthier option for a candy delite, if you are so inclined.

TREAT YOURSELF WELL with your very own personal peanut butter cups. You can even eat 2 of these yummy babies!

This 2 ingredient recipe makes 2 decadent delites and will satisfy your urge to splurge (without the scary bloat and fuzziness that comes from consuming gobbs of sugary stuff.

It’s really simple.

Melt 18 Ghiradelli brand (or other) 60% dark chocolate chips (I do in the microwave).

Take 2 mini paper muffin cups and spread a layer of melted chocolate in the bottom (use 1/2 of your melted chocolate)

Put in freezer for about 5 minutes until chocolate hardens. Remover and place peanut butter (1/2 tbsp in each paper) on top of the hardened chocolate and cover with the remaining melted chocolate. Freeze for 20 minutes (if you can hold out that long).

Now I would say that this homemade delite is much better than your store bought peanut butter cups that contains all kinds of nasty additives. One popular brand (I ain’t saying who) has something called TBHQ in it’s description and when I further researched it, EEWWWIE!~ I have no desire to ADD that additive to my beautiful body.  There is a great site called “that will help you learn about what controversial food additives are being put into your foods. They say that …”TBHQ is the acronym used to describe tertiary butylhydroquinone, which is an antioxidant that comes from petroleum and is related to butane. It is often used as a preservative, applied either to the carton of fast food items or sprayed directly onto them, as well as in various other prepackaged food items.”

Do we really need that crap in our candy?

I think that is enough said from the folks at Foodfacts and I will now say “if you need sugar at least get real sugar and know what the frig’ you are eating”. If you are indulging and enjoying some dark chocolate, the ingredients in your chocolate should be simple; you should recognize what they are. Again I’ll remind you that you should know what the frig’ you are eating.

One nugget of gold you can take from this post is to keep things simple. Read the label; if there are too many ingredients, or you don’t know what they are, neither will your body. Treat your body well by feeding it pure and naked. It will thank you and the body you dream of and the health you desire will show up.

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  1. This is a GREAT idea for a Halloween party treat!! I’ll be making them with the natural peanut butter I was **suggested** to switch to. Thanks for the recipe- just in time !!