Are you lying to your self again?

Are you a RESOLUTIONIST? By definition, that person who makes the same old list of promises every single year?

How many times are you gonna make the same New Years Resolution?

All it succeeds in doing is making you feel bad about yourself as you commit just one more act of self sabotage and betrayal? Do I sound like a drama queen? Maybe, but it sure feels BAD when you fail on the one thing that you were determined to do for your new year.

Ya know those ridiculously, impossible, unsustainable, restrictive promises like:

1. I am giving up all carbs.

2. I am going to the gym every single day.

3. I am going to spend 60 minutes on the treadmill every day.

These 3 actions are the perfect recipe to perfectly turn your good intentioned yearly promise to a terribly heart wrenching, miserable yearly lie. The promise you will be breaking, the credibility you’ll be losing and the pounds you’ll gaining back when you crash and burn from burn out makes you feel like a complete failure. The ” f” word -furthering your frustration, fatigue and towel tossing in the whole diet game.

My daughter tweeted on January 1, “In honor of all those who are starting their diets for the New Year, I am going to eat whatever the F*CK I want”.

Oh yeah. She said it straight out. In plain english, she put the “u” in F*ck! But I see gold in her comment and I am so proud that she’s my girl and not afraid to tell it like it is. My daughter gets it. She gets that health and weight control happen every moment of every day. You don’t pick a day or a year to start or make the task so impossible and difficult that you fail before you even get going. You simply commit to do the next best thing at the moment. You take each meal and make it the best. You take each workout and make it the best.  Simple, implementable, sustainable living. Your natural ideal weight shows up when you take action, every single day.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you my 3 secrets for creating a year of sustainable practices for building your healthiest, sexiest bod.
For more of the story and my 3 secrets to a sustainable practice read on…




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