Attention all New Years “Resolution” ists.

If you are one of the many that has the same ‘ole weight loss goal ever single new year or every single Monday, you might need to change your strategy.

Here are 3 secrets to a sustainable, implementable successful New Years weight loss goal:

1. Fall in love with the idea of building your healthiest, sexiest body ever at any and every age and stage, right now, at this very moment. Love makes any task feel simpler, easier, lighter and wonderful.

2. Become less interested in why you can’t. Stop making up ridiculous excuses for not making this moment the very best moment it can be. Can you imagine if you made each moment the best, what kind of life you would be living? WOO HOO.

3. Loose the fake stuff and get real. When my daughter says, she’s eating whatever the *blankety, blank* she wants, she doesn’t mean some processed, fake, phony box of chemicals. She won’t eat that crap because we don’t eat crap.  But we will have yummy treats and decadent dark chocolate, and homemade healthy killer bean brownies, naked pizza, and irresistible brown rice krispy treats and healthy, delish, naked versions of snack food.

When you begin to acknowledge that the body that you live in is the only one you got, you’ll be more apt to put the crap where it belongs, in the trash. You cannot treat your body like trash or feed it left over garbage without having some adverse affects. For your one very precious body, you want the good stuff, and you’ll want to cook naked. For the game of weight loss to work you need your body, mind and heart in the game, not a list of restrictive resolutions.

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