10 Top Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

  1. It costs so much more money to buy healthy food.
  2. You don’t have the time to prepare your food.
  3. You think you must have a thyroid issue.
  4. Your metabolism is just so slow.
  5. You’re over 40 and probably starting menopause.
  6. You hate to cook.
  7. Your office supplies donuts and muffins in the morning for free.
  8. Your husband doesn’t eat vegetables.
  9. You have to cook for your kids and family and eat what they want.
  10. You spend hours on the treadmill so it must just be your body type.

If you are hearing any of these whispers (or screams) in that gorgeous head of yours, you have just found your Fattest Team Member and Chief Saboteur.  She’s been hanging around with you for way too long. She is not your friend! It’s time to say BYE BYE!  She’s making up stories again to make you feel better for the moment. But it’s not going last. You will feel worse every morning when you get up, just right before she visits you again.

You’ll feel fat, disgusting, older than you are and have no energy to live your wonderful life. It’s time to get rid of your old friend and welcome a refreshing, fantastic new one. Your very best friend. The one that loves and cares about you. You know her well. She’s the honest you! (haha)

There will never be what you consider the “RIGHT” time to take care of yourself. Weight loss and self care can be a challenge when you consider the life that goes on around you, pushing and pulling and grabbing at you incessantly.

ANY EXCUSE is nothing but an opportunity to stay where you are. But how do you like it where you are? If you like it, stop complaining. If you want things to be different, you have to do differently things. If you want to change your body, you have to change the food you put in your body – NO MATTER WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND YOU…

Your first step in losing weight is not to go to the gym or the food store to stock up on all the healthy items.  That’s comes later. The first step is to recognize that what you are doing is self sabotage, self doubt, and fear.

The point is that there are ways to get clear and SMASH these made up lies, everyone of them.  (Lesson 9, page 194 in Sleeping Naked After 40 has more details) Each excuse can be broken down and replaced with the reason that you can do it. That feels so much better, inside and out.

I am not interested in why you can’t. I know that you can. When you join me and start believing in yourself and your possibility, magic will happen. I promise.

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