Four Eyes, Supermarkets & Cooking Naked

In 3rd grade, I was called four-eyes as I awkwardly sported big thick corrective lenses that constantly slid down my tiny nose. My issue was that I could not see far away, so I had to keep them on at all times.  Forty-three years later (and being over 40) seeing anything at all is pretty much an issue, especially in a dark restaurant. You know what I am talking about! Previously, I would use two separate pairs of corrective lenses, depending on the task at hand.

Every time I went to the eye doctor for a checkup, I would decline the offer to try new bifocal lens or “progressives”, a technology that enables one pair of lenses to allow you to see both near and far. My list of excuses was endless, rooted in the fear that I would get dizzy, I would have difficulty adjusting, I would hate them, blah, blah, blah. I had every excuse ready and roaring as to why I could not give the new progressives a try.

Just this last week, I finally DECIDED to go for it. I was shocked when I put them on. I fell immediately in love! IS THIS WHAT I WAS MISSING!? Things were CLEAR. I could SEE far away and close up without the hassle of switching my glasses. It was that EASY.  All the stories I created in my head about how horrible they would be simply were not true.

Why am I sharing? Because now it is time for YOU to put on your reading glasses and open your mind…in the supermarket. Trust me, much like my eyeglass issue, I know it is difficult to stray away from anything, especially food, that is comfortable, familiar and a favorite. It is even more difficult to stop resisting the idea of change and to abandon those little stories that we create in our head. You may be thinking… it’s too expensive to eat healthy, I won’t enjoy my food as much, my family will never eat it, I don’t even know where to start. These invalid, un-real fears are keeping your family eating un-real foods that will eventually be detrimental to your family’s health. After all, if you don’t teach your family to eat well…who will?

The supermarket can be a scary place…a war zone. At every turn and on every shelf there is garbage disguised as food, waiting to jump into your cart and into your pantry. Without your eyes and your brain, you may be tricked by the false advertisements and little green check marks found on pretty boxes that help camouflage junk as nutrients.

With your reading glasses on and an open mind it can become clear that what you may be buying as “food” could actually be unfit for human consumption (at least if you want to have that healthy, sexy body you dream of). Read the labels, the nutritional statistics and list of ingredients. Only the best should be fueling your one and only very precious body and very precious family.
Don’t feel like reading labels or forgot your glasses at home? Great! The easiest and simplest way to health and weight loss it is to start Cooking Naked, and begin choosing those “naked” foods THAT HAVE NO LABELS.

You don’t need a nutrition degree, special certification or textbook. A simple assessment of “nakedness” (no label or minimal ingredients) is all it takes to create the healthy sexy body you desire and deserve.

P.S Even when I am Cooking Naked, I wear my glasses. After 25 adult years of wearing glasses, I have accumulated quite a collection that has now become part of my fashion statement.




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