5 Steps To Keeping Your Eating Habits Off of You Tube

You may want to dance like nobody’s watching but eat like you’ll be posted on YouTube.

Have you ever pulled up to a traffic light – wiping Big Mac sauce from your cheek – only to see a snot-nosed kid in the backseat of your Honda laughing at you while you lick the fallen pickle from your cleavage?

Now imagine that precious little angel in the backseat pointing his favorite new toy at you – the iPhone.  And picture that by the next traffic light your pickle-tainted cleavage has already gone viral? Now, that’s something to chew on, huh?

Suddenly, you feel invaded – embarrassed – humiliated …UGH!

Are your feelings a result of the prankster in the Honda, or is the shame a symptom of something larger?

Overeating, under-eating, and eating poorly are all forms of violence against your body and your soul. Eating on the run or without self-awareness is a poor habit at best – but this abusive behavior is also a cause of weight control issues as well as with low self-esteem.

How differently would you behave if you always ate as if that naughty child had his finger on the Record button – waiting to broadcast your every move?

Dainty come to mind?

When you dine daintily with self-love as the goal, toxic behaviors just don’t fit anymore. Dainty dining isn’t eating on the run or shoveling food into your mouth while scanning for the next bite from an open refrigerator door.

Healthy eating involves love, care, a table and chair. It means setting your place with a plate and a fork, and it means keeping a napkin in your lap. Eating becomes dainty dining which is almost spiritual when you clean up your act.

I hear you, though. Today’s fast-paced, fast food environment doesn’t promote Dainty Dining, and you sure don’t have the time to put a 3-course, healthy meal on your table 3 times a day.

But don’t you deserve a healthy and spiritual body – in spite of your hectic, fast food schedule? And wouldn’t extra time in your day to do so be a welcome addition?

Here’s the secret … When you weigh less and feel great, it’s amazing how much more energy you have to get things done – quicker. See the trick? It’s a balance that can add an extra 5 to 10 minutes to every day while keeping your bad behaviors off from the World Wide Web.

Now can I tell you how? Only 5 simple steps will help you increase time in your day, decrease your weight, and boost your self-confidence.

5 Dainty Dining Tips For A Healthy, Spiritual You

  1. Set your place. Sit down at a table rather than a desk or a steering wheel. And use a plate and silverware. (I even like to put a fresh flower from the Farmers Market in a glass in front of me)
  2. Say Thanks. Before eating every meal, pause in gratitude. Say grace. Offer a few words of appreciation for the food that nourishes your body and your body for its healthy vitality and resilience.
  3. Take small bites. Set your fork down in between mouthfuls.
  4. Chew slowly. A good rule of thumb is to count to 20 and to make each bite last at least the length of your count.
  5. Focus on your meal. Shut off your phone, computer, and the TV. Give your food the attention it deserves for making you feel so gorgeous and savor every bite.

Once you’ve embraced Dainty Dining, you can even invite that naughty little boy and his mother over for lunch – with confidence. They will witness your self- love and capture the proof that you are providing extreme self-care to the thing that matters most—your precious body.

That’s something only Miss Manners would post to YouTube, huh?

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  1. Hi Rosie, well, you’ve hit the nail on the head for most of America. Yikes, I’d be mortified if anyone caught me balancing my Taco while I drive. It’s all so ridiculous, isn’t it? After indulging in almost every diet idea on the planet I took my doc’s advice and joined WW. Ten weeks later I’m 13 pounds lighter. As my doctor always said “eat less, move more”. You two should be in business together. Meanwhile, I’m looking out for those i-Phones and moving move. Thanks for sharing your awesome-ness!