Stop Eating Sugar

You don’t have to be a mathematician to add up the extra pounds that are showing up on your body. You see them and you feel them. It SUCKS to wake up in the morning having nothing to wear but uncomfortable tight cloths. And how FRUSTRATING to think that you were “good” all week and one false move of the fork, and the scale does a little addition number on you. ARGH !!!

So what’s a girl to do to stay rockin’ hot and feeling sexy after 40? Answer: STOP EATING SUGAR. And now stop whining about it too.




It’s not a death sentence to give up your sugary rewards, it’s actually a life saver! You can still have yummy, delicious, decadent food and treats that are sweet!

Watch this video and I’ll show you how to make a delectible ice cream sorbet that takes 3 minutes using 3 ingredients.






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