How to Save Bananas

Bananas don’t actually grown on trees! Yup. It’s true. They grow on plants and are considered the worlds largest perennial herb, growing up to 25 feet.


Did you know that a banana is actually considered a berry? And that a bunch of bananas is actually a hand of bananas? Hands can contain from 10 -25 bananas. One banana is called a finger.

Banana’s are harvested every day of the year. So they are always available.

How do you play your hand? What’s your favorite way to eat them?

I’ve got some ideas for you that you may have never thought of down below but consider that this amazing little fruit (actually a berry) is one of the most convenient because it comes in its own handy dandy little package (the skin) for protection and easy grab and go.

Did you know they actually sell bananas at Dunkin’ Donuts? REAL NAKED banana’s in Dunkin’ Donuts ? I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Amid the colorful sugar bombs (that they call donuts or breakfast sandwiches that I call crap), those yellow banana’s sit right on the counter. If temptation or hunger rises up while you are online for your coffee, a simple banana can save the day and offer the opportunity for keeping your healthy sexy body feeling healthy and sexy! You can escape a potentially disastrous sugar coma day with just a coffee, your “finger” and your figure intact.

I know that you do know how delicious they are and you may also know that they provide tons of potassium and enhance the bodies ability to absorb calcium. How about this amazing berry’s ability to help prevent depression and provide a feeling of relaxation?

Even better, the sweet, creamy flesh contains the enzyme, bromelain, know for increasing your libido. So woo hoo! Add on the facts that they build better bones, protect your heart, improve your elimination, enhance your eyesight, and you could say a banana is one very “naked” and sexy fruit.

Do you find it annoying that they go bad so quickly and before you can consume them all? Try peeling them and freezing them.  A money saving secret is to buy them when they are just on the verge of getting some brown spots (they are at their creamiest, sweetest at this stage) at your grocery store.  Produce departments will put them on sale! I mean really on sale! I bought this huge “hand” for $ 1.71. I peeled them, cut them and froze them to save for my smoothies and shakes.

What else can you do with the remarkable banana? (sign up here to get your weekly recipes delivered right to you )

  • Tropical Dressing for your Salad
  • Banana Chips
  • (N)ice Cream
  • Toppings for oats, pancakes, peanut butter sandwiches
  • Straight Up Sliced: Simply slice a banana in half lengthwise and spread with some almond butter and close it back up like a banana sandwich and roll it in crushed walnuts and coconut!  It doesn’t get much better than that!

I’d love to hear your favorite recipes that use banana’s. Leave me a comment and share!

Ciao for now,



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