Health Food In Disguise

It’s not even Halloween and nothing annoys me more than “crap” in disguise.  If I asked you to eat dye and chemicals you would say “ICK”, NO WAY!! but you if I wrapped it up in a fancy package and deceiving words, you might just grab and go. Especially when you see this sign. How can you resist affordable health? Right?   W R O N G ….

Trust me on this one.  20 for 10 is not a worthy savings when you are trading years of your life for pennies now.

You have got to take charge of your body and know what the frig’ you are eating. You are skilled at reading. You read People and Cosmopolitan Magazine while waiting in line at the checkout, so take a few extra moments to read the label of the food you put into your precious body.

The package is pretty but the ingredients tell all you need to know. And you don’t have to be a doctor, nutritionist or chemical engineer to know that you should not be putting red dye # 40 and blue #1 into your healthy sexy body… Right?   R I G H T …

So now you say, “What am I do eat ? I need my L. ACIDOPHILUS’s… you know those cultures that are good for me?” 



There is a better way to get what you need without any additional “crap”. Simply add in your berries and fruit and sweeten if you want and you have a yogurt that is as “naked” as you can get!





Do YOU know what the frig’ you are eating?

That healthy, sexy body of yours deserves you to know.

Let me know what the side of your container says in a comment below. You may be shocked.


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