Informed Decision vs. Deception

Clearly stated BUT confusing convoluted messaging is all over the stuff we consider eating.

I mean, am I crazy, or what?

Last time I checked, real fruit meant the kind you picked. Off a bush or tree.

Like Bananas.

So what exactly can a package clearly labeled “made with real fruit” be thinking when the ingredients look like this?

Naturally sweetened. Made with Real Fruit????? Really?

WTF people? Do you think I am a complete idiot? Maybe white grape juice powder sounds like a real fruit to you, but it doesn’t grow in my garden.

Maybe I AM missing something. (I think it’s the fruit). Or just maybe we are being led by the “Emperor”. The one with no clothes.  I am on a mission to know what the frig’ I put in my healthy sexy body, so that I can KEEP my healthy sexy body.

I’ll take my real “naked” approach any day over misleading deceitful advertising.

In my humble opinion, I say go ahead and make whatever your little factory wants to concoct. You are free to do that. But please just don’t lie to me. Please do not tell me its naturally sweetened and has real fruit when it does not.

I am a big girl. Give me the truth. I can handle it. I would much appreciate making my own informed decision instead of being deceived by your “creative” writing (aka: blatant lies).

How about you? Do you care what the label says?


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