Starting the Weight Loss Journey

How many times do you wake up thinking, “TODAY IS THE DAY I START”.

I spent years starting over every day. Diet after diet. Missed opportunity after missed opportunity. Screw up after screw up. Sabotage after sabotage.

Until I realized that NOW was the time. NOW changes everything. Because it is in the NOW that you make the decision and choices that affect the outcome. Here is a list of how to successfully start over beginning right now and some techniques that you can put in place that will give you the mindset you need to succeed.  Let’s face it, unless you have your heart and your head in the game of weight loss, the only thing you’ll lose is your ability to lose the weight.

STOP. Don’t beat yourself up for any self defined “screw ups” or situations that already happened.

FORGIVE. Let yourself off the hook. Know that you are here right now for a reason. What can you learn from your prior experience? What contrasts show up?

APPRECIATE. Appreciate your body as is. Appreciate it’s resiliency, tenacity and desire to be better and better. List 10 thing you appreciate about yourself.

ACCEPT. Accept yourself as perfect for today. Your body rocks as it is today. Accept that.

STEP IN. Each day, every meal is an opportunity to improve your health. Step by step, meal by meal will help the body of your dreams show up.

GRATITUDE. Be grateful for each functioning, beautiful part of your body. What is your best part? What is your most picked up past? How can you change your talk to the picked on parts?

STRATEGIZE. Make a plan called your Daily Personal Strategy. Include all the things you want to include in a new routine that will work for you.

DESIGNATE. Designate a notebook to record, journal and track your transformation along with any feelings that you have.

EMBRACE. Embrace the mirror and the scale as a measurement tool only. They are not your enemy.

SHOP. Shop for a transition outfit or accessory that you love and that makes you feel rockin’ hot. This gorgeous outfit will support and love you through your transition.

FOLLOW. Follow your plan ~ with consistency, mindfulness and with love.

CONNECT. Connect and get support. Be accountable to a date, an idea or a person.

If you want to change your body, you have to change the food you put in your body and the thoughts that you allow into your head and heart.

What ideas resonate with you ? What are you willing to look at differently? 

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