Making Someone Happy

Imagine seeing hundreds, maybe thousands of people everyday who are in a rush and pissed off that they have to pay you?

That is what toll booth collector goes through everyday.

I’ve noticed in my travels, and I admit I have stereotyped all toll booth collectors into the same category of disconnected, annoyed, and robotic. Until yesterday.

Yesterday on my trip down the NJ Turnpike, a tollbooth collector left me with a gift.

It was the gift of a chuckle, a smile, and a little excitement.

As I drove through, he said, “Good Morning Gorgeous”. This would have been enough for me but he proceeded.  “You know this day was made for you, cause it’s all about you. Can you do me a favor and when you get home, tell that man of yours, that when I die, I want to come back as him”? Then he looked at me, smiled and handed me my change.

You may find that comment a little over the top but I found it fun and inspiring. When was the last time anyone called you gorgeous or made you consider just how awesome you are?

I just sat there in amazement with a huge grin on my face, anticipating how fun it was going to be to call my man and share that message, so we could have both laugh together.

A simple comment from one human being to another during our busy, scattered, often disconnected lives can have a big impact. This tollbooth man had no idea who I was or what my world was like. But he knew enough to know that we are all in this world together. And that spreading a little love can go a long way in planting seeds of joy for himself and others.

Making the best of a not so “fun” job by making someone else happy, lifted his spirits too, while sitting in that little booth.

Making a positive comment or gesture to someone may change the course of their day (and yours as you get to witness the reaction to your kindness). Remember that you have the power to do that.

What can you do today for someone else?

What will you do for someone else today?



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