It’s Her Fault That I Ate The Whole Thing!

“I can’t believe she did that to ME.”

“Why is she treating me like this?”

“OMG, he stresses me out so much”.

Are other people making you fat?

One of the biggest reasons we overeat, stuff down, fill up, or sabotage ourselves is to deal (or not deal) with the emotions that negativity and stress cause.   But what if you were in control of that ? What if you didn’t get to the point of letting that stress and negativity get to you?

What if you could work on that “mind muscle” of yours and strengthen it by just a flip of the switch or a SMACK. (if you haven’t read Sleeping Naked After 40 and don’t know what a SMACK is.. it is  an attitude adjustment, a lightening strike, a 2 by 4 hitting you square in the head, or a wake up call)

You can change the way you think about things which will change the way you react to things, which will change the way you treat yourself, which will change the way you eat, which will change your body…

See how powerful you are just by your thoughts?

How can you change what you are currently thinking about things so that you can feel better about everything?

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