Remove PJ’s Before Sleeping.

I AM excited that you can now Sleep Naked with your new Sleeping Naked After 40 pajama’s. These are not just any pajama’s!

These pj’s come with a warning label.

The warning label is because I want you to feel so good in your body that you are comfortable sleeping naked! And I want you to remember that YOU ARE GORGEOUS! And I not only want you to remember, I want you to let every one else know that you are too.

That’s why you have it coming and going. Front and back! So that there can be no mistaking your Gorgeousness.

It’s not that I think I am gorgeous, it’s that I KNOW that you are. When was the last time someone told you that you were gorgeous?

So stop it!! It’s time now for you to tell everyone of your new status. Telling them improves your confidence and everyone needs to know.

If you are ready to tell the world of your status (Gorgeousness) from the comfort of your pajama’s, please email [email protected] and tell me your order.

They are available in Medium, Large or XL.. (I am wearing the Large)….

$89.95 for the set!  (Stop that too! You are worth it) (BTW: Comfy, cozy, quality… no worries there)

It’s all about rockin’ your status and feeling good naked! (It’s your one and only precious body, you need to fall in love with it!

Here’s to Sleeping Naked After 40 and loving it!

Ciao for now! ROSIE Battista





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