3 ThingsThat You Can Do On New Years Eve to Help You Lose Weight

Got nothing to do tonite?

And even if you do, make room for 15 minutes and get out a pen and paper.

I am a huge fan of writing things down. It makes them real. It makes them happen.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in rip roaring partying mode or calm, quiet reflective mode, you can do these 3 things that will help you feel amazingly better ~ about everything.

These 3 small things (and a bonus) mean a lot and can be the very thing that changes your nite (and quite possibly your life).

Don’t do the same old “I ate and drank too much”…that will produce the same old “I feel like crap” results. That just sucks and you’re never happy after you do that.  Just because it’s the stand-ard “new years eve” thing to do, doesn’t mean you have to do it.  Stand out and stand up for yourself – and do something different. Something important and nice and kind for yourself instead.

Here are 3 tips and a bonus for making this New Years Eve the best ever no matter what plans you have or don’t have.


This is the perfect time for a list.

Reflect back over the year and be so very thankful for all that you have accomplished in the past 12 months. Get out that pen and paper and make a list of 10 things that you accomplished this year. (they can be as small as a phone call you made or an article you read, so don’t wrack your brain for the big things, because you know that the best things come in small packages)  You’ll feel amazing as jar your memory and say, “Oh yeah, right, I did do that. Yay me!”.

No. 2. LET IT GO..

This is the perfect time for a handwritten letter to whomever and/or to yourself.

Put it all out there on the paper and let it rip and let it go, writing to anyone who needs forgiving or anyone you feel hurt by. Yourself included. Forgive yourself for whatever it is you are blaming yourself for doing or not doing. Right! and write ! NO one is going to read this letter, so feel comfortable dumping it all onto the paper and out of that beautiful body of yours. It’s a fantastic release and you’ll feel so good letting it all go.


This is the perfect time to focus and write it down.

It takes the same amount of focus and time to think about what you don’t want (and whine about it) as it does to focus on what you do want (and be excited about it). Be less interested in the things that you don’t like or want.  Think often and mostly always of what you do want. Get a designated note book and start your new process of writing down the things you want to experience in your life. How do you want to feel when you are experiencing these amazing things?  Just thinking about these good feelings will help you feel much better.


This is the perfect nite for Cooking Naked.

If you are parting tonite, cooking naked can be a smash hit… and if you’re not that brave to go there haha, at least bring a naked dish with you so you can indulge with pleasure and not feel guilty tomorrow. Here are 2 last minute ideas that you can whip up in no time.

And if you are bunkered down and cozied up in your home, cooking naked is the best. Try this salmon idea and of course add some beautiful greens, a tossed green salad, some “naked” cookies, a fine glass of wine and some decadent dark chocolate.


Whatever you do…I am wishing you a blessed and prosperous new year!
Live every moment with love, grace and gratitude,





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