Pretty panties, my mother, Coco Chanel and your health

Growing up, my Mom had me in a state of panic over my panties.  She’d say, “Make sure to wear GOOD (meaning clean and no holes) underwear; you just never know if you’ll get into an accident”. 

So came this post from thinking about those many times she drilled that thought into my subconscious. I am certain that you have heard some version of this very thing.

We’re gonna get a little intimate here, but hey, if you’re following Sleeping Naked After 40, you’ve been getting naked on many issues, so this one is just some lacey information.  Here’s a fact for you: (quite possibly one you really don’t need to know, but important, non the less, to the theme here, so bear with me)  I wear gorgeous lace thongs everyday...  Now that you have that information, there may be some important life changing lessons here.

Your choice of under-garments say a lot about what you think of yourself.  My panties are sexy, pretty (and comfy) because I want my life to model that.  You may be familiar with the statement, “the way you do anything is the way you do everything”.  So here is the deal, plain and simple. If you don’t think you are sexy and pretty, you are probably not caring what you put ON your body, let alone into it.  Make sense?  You may be settling for “whatever”, because no one sees them. AND THAT’S EXACTLY RIGHT. No one may see them, but YOU do and you know what you are wearing and why.

Can you see now why your choice of panties matters?  Are they boring, worn, stretched out, uncomfortable and annoying? or are they sexy, comfy, bright, pretty and gorgeous like the way want to feel about yourself and your life?

I am not making this stuff up either. Coco Chanel, who I consider to be the Ultimate Fashion Goddess said this:

“I consider lace to be one of the prettiest imitations ever made of the fantasy of nature; lace always evokes for me those incomparable designs which the branches and leaves of trees embroider across the sky, and I do not think that any invention of the human spirit could have a more graceful or precise origin.”
Coco Chanel, April 29, 1939

She’s right! Lace panties are divine.

Panty selection starts with a state of mind. You might be thinking, “really Rosie?”, but I am too fat right now, too out of shape, don’t have the extra money to spend on new ones, or some other fabrication of an excuse to stay stuck and feeling like an old frump. There is no cut off age to feeling sexy. My friend and beautiful 71 year old Goddess, Sheila Pearl (author and coach) says that “The sexiest part of my body… is my mind.” You can’t help but think about what you are wearing when you are wearing it right? It affects your mood. When you look pretty, you feel pretty.

Just imagine how different you walk around when underneath it all you’re wearing a pretty little secret. How you feel about yourself and your body is a state of mind. It’s a feeling that you can change from bad to better any time you choose. Your body is the very thing that carries all of your energy and your spirit around this earth, so it’s not like you can ignore it. Your body helps you to feel great in all you do when you “feel” great in your body.

Adorning yourself in gorgeous undergarments makes sense.  Knowing that your panties are pretty can put a smile on your face (and if you are lucky, someone elses). No one else but you has to know, but it ads value to you and your self worth. It shows that you take a bit of extra care for yourself. I wonder what Mona Lisa was wearing under that seductive smile of hers?

The under reflects the outer. You can’t cover up boring old panties with beautiful garments and feel pulled together. When you show up, showing that you are worth it, you feel better and more confident about everything.  You and your pretty little secret lay gently and lovingly against your skin reminding you of just how very special you are.

So what are you wearing?

Why do you choose what you choose?

Are you worth a little extra time, money and pampering?

Are your undergarments sexy enough for you?

So why all this? I am saying that your choice of intimate articles affects your health. According to my Mom clean and undamaged was good just in case others saw you. Victoria new line is this and I love it for your life: “fulfill one fantasy, dream up a thousand, or just lose count”. According to the Sleeping Naked After 40 Life-Style, what you wear intimately connects you to your precious skin and affects your confidence and self worth. And what you are underneath it all is what really matters anyway. But since you can’t walk around NAKED, at least do the next best thing and show up for yourself in some pretty stuff. You’re worth it.

If your drawer is full of white cotton underwear, the chances are they are not helping you feel all that hot and sexy. So get rid of them.  Run to the store and start your adventure to lose the white – be wild, be extreme. Get yourself some passion purple, a rockin’ red thong or leopard print trimmed with pink lace hipsters. No matter how you feel about yourself right now or what size you are, this is a great way to start to “live into” and “act as if” you are the healthiest, sexiest version of yourself.  Embrace the fact that your body is ready for an extraordinary treat. Do it now.

Here are a few places to inspire you to decisive action: Frou Frou Fashion (Gorgeous!) and Hanky Panky (comfy lace in one size fits most and affordable.   Let’s not forget that The Chief Passion Curator from Bring Back Desire, Ande Lyons, reminds us that ” sexy is a state of mind”.  She recommends Lavinia Lingerie  for some of the most luscious lingerie in the market that will change your mindset to sexy and gorgeous with just one wearing.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. What will you will do differently? Where will you shop and what will you buy?




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    1. Start with the panties and all the rest will follow. It’s about feeling great in your body and awesome with yourself.

  1. Okay, dear Rosie, I know you were referring to me with the cotton panties remark. I’ll have you know I bought 5 – count em’! — 5 pairs of lace panties over the weekend. Of course I had intended to save them for special occasions. You make many excellent points in this column, so I’m going to get me some everyday-hot-knickers. Thank you, dolly! xoxoxoxo