Collard Green Pug Machine

My pug is an eating machine.

These collards were originally planned to be my dinner, but wound up being Roc’s snack and shenanigan choice of the day.

When I saw my beloved collards and my long anticipated dinner all over my rug, my original thought was to get in the car with Roc and drop him off somewhere, like a nice cozy shelter (or maybe a not so nice cozy shelter), where he could wreak his havoc in someone else’s kitchen. I think this pug is on a mission to teach me the lessons of patience, love and the art of follow thru. I mean in reality, I should have put  my food away immediately upon purchase.  Before you shriek in horror, I did not do any such thing to my beloved pet pain in the butt.

I love this little guy and after the initial shock, I was quite happy that my pup knows the “naked” stuff when he sees it! And besides that, he’s too darn cute for words.

Thank goodness for Plan B… which was to add my always ready and available frozen collards to my sauteed mushrooms and onions.  Technically, I could have said, screw it, I’m ordering a pizza and calling it a day, but you know that would not be the in the spirit of living the naked lifestyle. So I persevered and picked up on Plan B.

I have to tell you that this dish was fabulous with the frozen and actually quite a cinch to throw together in record time. I think it actually tasted better as the collards where chopped up finely and it created a great dish.

Here is the moral of the story… besides putting your food away and leaving it out of doggie reach:

HAVE OPTIONS and a PLAN B. Your health is too important.

How can you use something that seems like an annoying mishap and make it into a success story?

Come on Gorgeous, Please share, share!!

(Oh and PS. Note to my mom: Mom, you’re off the hook this time!)

Love, Love, Love ya,




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